4 tips to transform your tech website

You do great work. No question. But your technology is complicated, hard to explain, or specific to an industry or application.

That’s why so many tech websites I review are alienating – and cumbersome to read and navigate. Sure, “driving innovation in quantum technology research and development” makes sense to your team. But what about the people you make it for? Do they get it?

Perhaps not. To ensure your content hits the mark with the right people, consider these top tips:

1 Simplify the ‘tech talk’

This is the first thing I ask my tech clients to do: go back to basics. We simplify the message, demystify the tech talk, and present it clearly and concisely.

It’s not about ‘dumbing down’ your message. Instead, you’re making it easier for busy prospects to understand your tech and make an informed decision.

Once we have the basic messaging sorted, we can build on it – gradually adding more detail depending on the audience.

For instance, your website should be a general ‘shop front’ overview of your business and tech. On the other hand, an industry white paper or thought leadership article can cover the topic using more complex terms. Because your audience already understands the basics.

2 Return to the ‘why’ 

Behind every great tech business is a meaningful mission. This is what sets you apart. So be sure to always write with your mission in mind.

An easy way to do this is by writing ‘because’ or ‘so’ after each statement. Here’s an example:

We make wearable technology for dogs. So you can keep an eye on your pet’s health ­ – and reduce your insurance premium.

And another:

We make simulation software. Because we believe in making virtual a reality.

Of course, your copy doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) include the words ‘so’ and ‘because’ in every paragraph. But by thinking about the ‘so what?’ or ‘why?’, you’ll craft content that’s more compelling and relevant to your target market.

3 Use the content kaleidoscope

Content is king. And when it comes to your tech website, it’s best to use different types of content to get your message across.

The most powerful tech sites I see combine copy (the text) with dynamic design, video, demos, screenshots and other cool tools to tell the whole story.

But you don’t have to hire an expensive creative agency. Some freelancers are happy to bring in other bright minds to complete your content project – and even act as project manager. For instance, I’m connected with creatives all over the world to create sunning on-brand content for my tech clients.

4 The ‘who’

All my tech clients have a fascinating story to tell about what sparked their idea – and got it off the ground.

Your prospects want to hear your story. They’re curious about the people behind the business. So be sure to tell them, especially on your ‘about’ page.

Team bios are best. These give you the chance to introduce each person on your team, and highlight what they bring to the table.

Combine these bios with a well-crafted, succinct story about your business idea and evolution, and you’ll reel in your audience and compel them to get in touch.

Want more ideas for enhancing your tech website? Let’s talk.







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